Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Life according to my phone....

My phone tends to tell stories.... 
It tells Tall tales of a life spent looking at fancy things, sunning myself on pristine beaches, and hours and hours of free time to DIY and teach my child to ride her bike.

don't be deceived by its allure of grandeur.. 

last weeks "behind the scenes" story mainly involved a  super grumpy baby, seriously snotty tissues, and crazy overwhelmed parents

here is my jerky phones version of what happened the couple weeks.

I installed some stuff at various clients..

 a custom chair ...

some amazing art by Jenny....

some cute wallpaper...

and a couple gorgeous mirrors in a master bath

then I whipped together some pretty pillow combos from the shoppe,

 and some other pretty pillows were pulled for the most perfect of clients

 Me and the duck got inspired and started a crazy DIY project.

and I was inspired to do even more DIY after a quick visit to Anthro.
 I am gonna paint some rocks!

 My BABY learned how to ride a bike...with double pink eye and a double ear infection no less

Then to reward her we decided to take her to Disneyland...
which earned me a giant  GOLD STAR at parenting...

Then we remembered she had double pink eye and a double ear infection which made her miserable and me a giant asshole at life...especially at parenting.

sounds like a week chock full of fun and excitement.....but in reality MOST of it was spent nursing my wee one on the couch .



  1. For some reason when my son is super cranky, I think the brilliant cure all is the bring him out in public and do something 'fun', and then spend the whole time panicking with self doubt and anxiety while my babe throws a fit in chapters because I wont let him rip down every toy in the kids section....that was my evening last night. I feel ya.
    The DIY is brilliant, can you give a little insight into materials needed and cost? is it much cheaper than a closet system?
    I think that is my all time FAVOURITE MFAMB PAINTING EVER. I just adore that one.

  2. some seriously amazing projects going on here...cannot wait to see more! hope your little one feels better soon!

  3. Congrats on the bike riding accomplishment! She must have felt like such a big girl!!!! Hope she is feeling better today!


  4. they did a most excellent job stretching it out! and the room is fantastic, the painting is perfect in there. really. you win. E wins.


  5. Crap about ears and eyes...no fun at all poor thing. The rest of this is heaven...LOVE Jenny's painting and that mirror glimpse- also the painted rocks and the DIY bookcases- funnily enough, I'm contemplating doing something similar in my basement reno- yours are fabulous.

  6. Love the painting over the fireplace! Beautiful!

  7. Love the way the entire interiors has been designed, looks real great and much inspiring with the bright colors and textures...NYC professional organizer

  8. Oh man that wallpaper!!! Can you tell us anything about it??

  9. Poor G! That sounds rough.

    Love the textile mix, as usual.

  10. helloooo. In love with that wallpaper. I'm opening a store in a beach town and I need it! Do you know where to buy or who makes it?? thanks :)

  11. I really liked the wall tiles in your cute wallpaper shot as well, the combination worked really well.

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  14. The chair in the first pic is absolutely gorgeous! love it!

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  16. I fell in love with that chair (first photo). Thanks for sharing these great ideas!
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